3D Scans

3D Scans and 4D scans

There are many baby scans available in 3D and 4D. 3D scans are available from 22 weeks and 27 weeks when you are pregnant, this is the best time for a 3D scan as before this time the baby has very little or no fat under the skin so the face will show through.

3D Scans are not available on the NHS, they do not use 3D or colour images, so you will need to go to a private ultrasound clinic to get a 3D scan.

Does a 3D scan show up down syndrome?

3D scans will not show up if the baby is down syndrome, a separate anomaly scan would need to be carried out to be sure of that but even with that scan, only 50% of the cases can be detected.

Will a 3D scan show the gender of the baby?

In a 3D scan, you can normally tell the gender of the baby, so the sonographer will usually ask you if you would want to know the sex or not, some people want to know if they are having a boy or girl so they can start planning for it but others they like to keep it as a surprise.

3D Baby Scan

3D scans are a lovely way for mother and father to bond with the baby, seeing clear images of your baby together creates such a special bond, and when the scan is over you cant take home images to share with family and friends.

Private Ultrasound Clinics

3D scans offer you the opportunity to see and cherish moments with your unborn baby, speak to your private ultrasound clinic to book an appointment for a 3D scan today.