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Key Management Solution

There are many key management solutions out there for companies.

A key management solution is a process of administering and managing keys for vehicles or buildings or safes and security products. It allows people to take and using the keys to be accountable for them. Saving companies time and money and saving many items going missing.


A Key management system is an integrated system to help generate and distribute keys for vehicles or buildings and to also keep them stored securely and safely.

The various key management solutions

A key management solution is important to any business and a good solution should always be kept up to date and well looked after. There are many different solutions such as mechanical systems, cabinets and safes, pegboards, and magnetic block systems.

Any one of the above key management solutions can be an asset to your business and employees, they should be designed to provide fast access methods guaranteeing that all keys and equipment are stored where they should be and if they are not, it is obvious who has taken them so that person is easily located and accountable.

Get advice

Speak to a key management solution expert before choosing the right system for you and your business. They will be able to advise you on the best system that will suit you and your requirements. The system you have in place should work and be flexible for you and your needs.